A Midsummer Evening's Garden


Will we have the first tomato by the 4th of July?  Yes we will!  It may even be ready tomorrow.

The garlic was also ready to be dug up this weekend.  There's not as much of it as I would like this year.  I'm not sure if the ducks got to the leaves, or if I just need to start with fresh bulbs next Fall.  (To be safe, we'll probably just order new.)  

This is repetitive to the regulars, but now the garlic will hang in our shed to dry for a month or so before I clean it up and bring it inside.  Of course, I took a few bulbs "off the top" to tide us over!
And in the garden bed recently vacated by the garlic--as well as a little here, there, and everywhere--some new plants.  At about this time every year, Pendleton's has a "we're tired of watering these plants" sale.  Veggies are $1 per flat, all other annuals are $10 per flat--so that's $11 you see before you.  The peppers and tomatoes that are already clinging to the stalks are almost worth that, so it's a nice bargain.

These guys were roughly slapped into the ground, and wished the best o'luck this evening.  Much less tender care and cooing than the Spring plants got.  More of a very sweaty, but practical, "If you want to live, you'd better get to work!"