Victory is Mine!


Making baby food should be easy, right?  But it's actually a little tricky at first.

As background, I eat most vegetables basically one degree above raw--warm, but not really cooked.  So when I started trying to make some purees for the Kiddo, I was thinking, "Eh, ten minutes should get those carrots nice and mooshy."  And then it was frustrating when, instead of mush, I was getting really tiny chunks.  It was like the difference in texture between sour cream and cottage cheese.

Sweet Husband (known in some circles as "The Problem Solver") advised "cooking the *&*!*" out of the new batch of carrots to see if that would fix the problem.  A half an hour in the steamer later=success!

(And--although it's a little hard to tell still--we think he really likes carrots!)

Aside from that wee difficulty, it's been fun making up little purees for the Kiddo.  I've been planning our meals a bit based on what we can mash up, which has lead to some awesome eats for the grown-ups as well....


Grilled nectarines with mozzarella, basil, and balsamic vinaigrette for the parents, nectarine puree for the Kiddo. 

Roasted beets and carrots with cheese and prosciutto for the parents, beet puree for the Kiddo.  (And the parents may have had some nibbles of leftover cheese, meat, and honey after the Kiddo went to bed too!)
Potato salad for the parents, potato puree for the Kiddo.

Um, can you tell we're having a bit of fun with this?  ;)