Our bedtime-and-sleeping routine changes too much to call it a routine.  Most nights it involves a bath, sometimes some books, always a "ba", and on really, super-special nights--Jimmy Buffett.  (To sway and sing to.)  He's still in our room, but in his own crib, except for the occasional early morning snuggle.

We tried letting him sleep in bed with us for about two nights.  It was terrifying.  Partly because I was sleeping like the dead at the time, but mostly because he just felt so tiny. 

That being said, I'm not in the slightest hurry to get him out of our room.  

It makes feeding him in the middle of the night so much less disruptive for the grown-ups.  Every so often he sleeps through, but most nights he's up once or twice.  It's quickly becoming a non-issue though.  He almost never fully wakes up, and we can pretty much do a snack-and-diaper-change with our eyes closed--or at least, only open a tiny bit.

Plus, to be completely honest, I love having him close.  I have my full share of the usual mommy-worries (Is he breathing?...Oh good, his chest is moving....), but, beyond that, watching him sleep is like, the best drug in existence.  It's so peaceful.  And I know I'm not going to get to do it forever, so I'm trying to soak it in while I can.