Bad Girls

I feel like "Bad Girls" by Donna Summer should be playing as you all scroll through these shots.

Because, each in their own way, they so are.


From Florence and Gladys--I can't tell them apart anymore, but there are two that look just like this--who remind me forcefully of Niobe from the Matrix movies.

To sweet Etta, who has a Jessica Rabbit, "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way...." vibe.

To Joni Mitchell, who, if she could sing would sound just like Joni Mitchell, all gravelly and rough and gorgeous at the same time.
And the Buckeyes, oh my little rocker chicks!  Bonnie (front) is still the smallest of the bunch.  She scampers around like a wee spy girl, popping out of tomato beds when you didn't even realize she was there.  Patty (rear) is an attack chicken.  She has no fear what-so-ever, and has now pecked both Sweet Husband and I, hard.  (We're beginning to suspect....but I'm done trying to predict.)

[The Kid has started to notice the bad girls for you, little man!]

But although the bad ones have been fun to watch, it's still the good, older hens that are pulling their weight in eggs.  Alanis is taking her break right now, but Tori laid 23 eggs, and Ingrid laid 26 this month.