The 4th of July Weekend Highlight Reel

It may have been that I started my weekend early (and with a sick little 'un), but this felt like the longest weekend.  After a few days with his first cold--and a summer cold, at that, darn the luck--the Kid had recovered enough by Saturday that we decided to brave a trip to the Old Hometown to blow some things up.

The highlights....


Are these not the scariest beings you've ever seen?  They have little fireworks on the back, which makes them, like, gremlins with explosives.  If they don't make an appearance in my nightmares soon, I'll be amazed.

The Kid: "Holy guacamole!  Are you guys seeing this stuff?!  Woah!"


Berry gelato and fruity drinks in coconuts.  I'll say no more.

Somebody finally decided he likes the pool!  The water was super warm this time, so I think that helped.  And it was so sticky out, that the pool was the only place to be!
All that swimming makes Kiddo a tired boy!  Lucky mama found a spot in the shade for a mid-swim snooze.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!