Infusing Part 2: Mulberry Gin


Technically, it's raspberry and mulberry gin, but that gets a bit long winded.

We share a mulberry tree with our neighbors.  We also have a little hedge of raspberry bushes that I've added a few plants to for a couple of years now.  But even between the two of them, I only get a few handfuls of berries a day.  Sometimes, we enjoy them straight "off the vine", so to speak, but otherwise, there are often not enough of them to make a pie, for instance.  

I was perusing a few preserving books for ideas about what to do with just a few berries, when I came across the recipe for sloe gin in The River Cottage Preserves Handbook.  After a bit of googling, it seemed like it could easily be modified for berries, so it was off to the liquor store for a big ole' bottle o'gin.

The recipes I found called for a lot of sugar, so I'm trying to modify that downward.  (I think I've added about half a cup so far, and will probably add a little more as it progresses.)  Otherwise, I've just left the gin on the counter, and I add washed berries each day as we pick them.  According to the River Cottage book, it needs to sit for a few months with the berries.  Once it starts to taste berry-ish I will strain the berries out, decant it into smaller bottles, and let it age for about a year before drinking it.

Although--if we can stand to leave it that long--it will be next summer before we can say if it's good or not, I'll try to update on how it turns out.