Advice: Make Ricotta


Somehow, although there were no plans and not much feels "accomplished" we had a dizzyingly busy weekend.  And we're in the middle of Harry Potter movie marathon week in preparation for next Friday.  That all being the case, I'm going to prop my feet up, grab a basket o'knitting and a glass o'wine, and pop in HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  

But before I go, may I give you some advice?

Maybe not tonight, maybe not this week even, but certainly sometime before summer is over, you should make some homemade ricotta.  The ingredients are probably in your fridge right now--milk (or buttermilk), cream, salt, lemon juice--and you can sub a muslin-y tea towel for cheesecloth.

And as for directions, here's one set and here's another.  

Mine ended up very curd-y both times, which is absolutely perfection sprinkled on a sliced tomato.  

Really, go try it!