Attempted Bird Murder...Again

Actually, calling it "attempt" "again" is not entirely correct.  Last time Moe completed the bird murder.  This time it's only an attempt, so far, but we may have to amend the charges in the next few days, depending on how the victim fares.

Which is my way of trying to inject some gallows humor into a very sad occurrence at the Hacienda tonight.  'Lani, our Easter Egger,decided to escape from the chicken yard, just as Moe was out for his dinner time pee and patrol.  

'Lani actually looks much better than I thought she would.  I was inside with the baby for the fracas, but according to Sweet Husband she played dead rather than fighting back--a move that probably saved her life.  

But it's still dicey as to whether or not she's going to make it.  She has a few wounds on her back and neck that are not pretty.  We considered putting her down, but decided she was still whole enough that it was worth taking a wait and see approach.  We cleaned her up, and she's currently resting by herself.  (She can't go back with her sisters until she's healed, as they might peck at her wounds.)  The plan is to reevaluate tonight and tomorrow.  I don't want her to suffer, but I do want to give her a chance.

And the criminal?  Is sleeping sweetly on the couch.  As much as I hate that he hurt one of the girls, he was just doing what's in his nature to do.  Can't blame him much for that.

While we've done our absolute best to keep him away from the hens, I've always kind of known that one day bird or dog would slip through our defenses.  What surprises me--and what's worst in a lot of ways--is that he didn't finish the job.  That probably makes me sound heartless, but the thing I hate the most about living with animals--more than any chewed possession or ruined tomatoes or anything--is having to make these life and death decisions for let's all send good recovery thoughts to Miss 'Lani this evening, yes?

Update:  She died sometime last night.  Darn it....