T-Shirt Washcloths

A few weeks ago, Nice Mom asked me to make her a t-shirt quilt out of some concert shirts.  So, I cut up all the shirts into little strips, and....

JUST KIDDING MOM.  Your shirts are still whole...well, at least the important parts are.  But after I cut the pictures off the shirts to make my quilt squares, I was left with a lot of scraps.  So I decided to make some t-shirt yarn.

T-shirt yarn is just t-shirts cut into strips.  There are fancier ways to cut the shirts so that you get more continuous strips, but since I wasn't starting out with whole shirts, I ended up mostly just tying a lot of knots.  (You can also sew the ends of the strips together...I didn't care that much for this particular project.)

But what to do with it, you ask?  Well, first, t-shirt yarn makes the best garden twine in the world.  To the extent that my tomatoes are tied up to stakes (which is not very well right now), it's all done with t-shirt yarn.  The stretchiness and softness of it is just perfect.

You can also knit with it.

I found the idea for these washcloths on Pinterest.  The bottom two are the traditional washcloth pattern (e.g. Grandma's Favorite).  The top two (which I ended up liking much better) are just stockinette with a garter stitch border.  

I love homemade washcloths--they really do work the best--but I rarely take time to make them for myself.  Doing it in this bulky yarn, however, I can make a whole stack in just a few hours.  I love the nubby-knotty-ness.  Plus, as usual, I get a little buzz out of making something useful out of something that would otherwise be trash.