Post-Sleep Happies

As I get older, I've noticed that at a certain point my body just says, "Go to hell!"  

Don't get me wrong, I've always been a lover of sleep, but I used to be able to just push through both "tired" and "sick" like a mack truck when necessary.  Now, less so.  It's like, the spirit is still willing, but the flesh says, "Nope, uh-uh--either you can sleep on your own or I'll make you sleep, but either way, we're going to bed now."

Which is exactly what happened yesterday afternoon.  

I wouldn't say I was sick, per se, but moving made me nauseous, my joints were all achy...basically it just a big old red flag that it was time to get some rest.  

And wouldn't you know it, the world looks a lot better today.  It's a wonder what sleep, a sick day, and a bowl of fried rice (my go-to food for tummy upset) can do.  

Some happy things from my new, more bright-eyed perspective....

Fifty pounds of tomatoes....all canned (or dried) up and ready to combat the month of January.  They're local (they came from a farm just up the road), cheap ($1 a pound), and organic-esque (i.e. grown responsibly, even if they don't have the little round sticker).  I haven't counted how many pints it made, but it's a lot.

Patty the (indisputable) Rooster's tail.  He's kind of mean, actually, but he's pretty to watch as he prances around.  (And maybe he's the only one?  Maybe?)

Knitting projects that can be done bit-by-bit while entertaining a small child.  Would you believe that I finished this sweater in less than two weeks, almost all in stolen moments?  And got a decent chunk of a chunky blanket finished as well?  I wouldn't have thought it possible myself, except that I did it.

Also, last but not least, the laundry is folded.  At our house, one major casualty of having a child has been that folding and putting away laundry doesn't happen a lot anymore.  It was our least favorite chore before, and now, well, I consider just keeping up with washing it a big acomplishment.  But since I was feeling better this afternoon, I tackled the mountain...literally.  (And then realized I'd missed what was in the dryer, but ah well....)