It's Hot....Go to the Fair

(In the Kid's words as imagined by the Mama....)

The fair

Chickens, chickens, lots of pretty chickens....
IMG_8921 guys do realize we have these at home right?  And it's, like, a hundred bi-jillion degrees out.  And I want to ride some rides...right now!

This looks more promising....

Hmn, cotton candy....probably not on the list of foods I'm supposed to eat.  Let's go find a carousel!

WHAT KIND OF A RINKY DINK CARNIVAL IS THIS!?!  I have to be thirty-six inches?!!  This STINKS Mom and Dad--it stinks of poo-poo and spit-up all combined!  

I'm tired of this "fair" take me somewhere cool.
Ahh, a restaurant with ceiling fans....spinning round and round and hypnotic....

OK (pats Dad on the neck), you guys are forgiven.