I Have This Motherhood Thing Down So Well, I Think I'll Try It One-Handed

A joke, of course....well, the first part is, anyway.  Unfortunately, the one-handed part is serious.

After a few weeks of on and off pain in my wrist, Friday night it was all of a sudden on, full-blast, with some swelling just for extra fun.  Doc says it's carpal tunnel.  Treatment to be two weeks in a brace and enough ibuprofen to take care of a small village.  Hopefully, that will get me back to optimal operating condition without other measures being necessary.

I can take a break from limit my knitting, and I can sorta type with my left-hand, but the Kiddo--for some strange reason--strongly objects to being manhandled around like a sack of flour under my left arm.  And picking up all twenty-ish pounds of him with any part of my right hand makes me want to scream obscenities at the fool who invented the computer mouse.  

So we're working on all of that.

In the meantime, the Kid is enjoying being plopped on our bed (a soft surface where he can roll around without much help from mama) and surrounded with toys.  I also have been assured by Sweet Husband that men find women in flesh-colored, velcro arm braces "dead sexy".