Sewing Along

(As a sidenote, the lovely Leya asked me to guest blog at Curious Bird while she and her super-smart hubby move from Philly to North Carolina.  Cutest.  Family.  Ever.  So, of course, I was all about it.  You can read my post, all about how I survive Summer by knitting, here.)

Although it seems I've been temporarily curtailed, I really like the idea of making some of the Kiddo's clothes.  It has a little bit to do with frugality, but mostly it's about being able to make exactly what I want and learning something new.

It's only taken him 10 years, but Sweet Husband has finally brought me around to his way of thinking re: logos and labels on t-shirts.  (His position--which was a bit controversial for our small town high school, but fits right in, in hippy-liberal Lawrence--has always been, "Why on earth would I pay someone money so that I can advertise for them?")  Plus, in its attempt to be sassy, some of the stuff on baby clothes is just obnoxious and rude.  (Seen on a onsie: "My Mom Doesn't Want Your Advice".)  

And not that you can't buy clothes that avoid those issues--we certainly do--but (here's where the more fun part comes in) if I could learn to sew well, I could pick any fabric at the fabric store and make it into any pattern or style that I want.  It's all about having options, yes?

To that end, I signed up for A Little Gray's Oliver & S Sew Along.  It's one project a month, all from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew: 20 Classic Accessories and Toys for Children, which is a book I've been trying to sum up the courage to buy for a few months anyway.

The August project was a bucket hat.  It was just on the cusp of my sewing comfort level, and when examined critically it shows.  There are definitely a few imperfections.

But I'm learning that not very many people look at these things critically.  As we were leaving our favorite breakfast joint Sunday morning, for example, a woman shouted out to a cooing, burbling Kiddo, "Nice hat, Buddy!"  Not a thing was said about my messy backstitching.

Next month's project is this adorable backpack.  I'm about half convinced it's going to end in tears, but it's too sweet not to try.

While I had the sewing machine out, I whipped up a few pairs of comfy pants for the Kiddo this Fall.  Again, not perfect, but functional and--hopefully--dashing with knitted sweaters.