This weekend was Sweet Husband's first Saturday off in what felt like ages.  

In case the tone of that sentence isn't clear enough on it's own, the working Saturdays is not of my favorite thing about his job.  Unfortunately, it's unavoidable.  

Someday I promise to be more graceful about it.  To come up with some merry ritual--like, reading books by Christmas tree light and baking a Buche de Noel on Christmas Eve, all little celebrations I've come up with to enjoy the December-jewelry-busy-season.  But for now, I'm just grateful when he gets the day off.

In fact, I had been so looking forward to it, that in my head I started calling it the DAY of FROLIC.  (In all caps, just like that.)  I do not know if--from an outsiders perspective--our day would have quite lived up to that hype.... 

We had brunch with friends.  We drove over to check out the new Trader Joe's and a leather shop Sweet Husband had been wanting to investigate for some time.  We rested.  We had burgers for dinner.  We went for a walk, where Sweet Husband got new shoes, and the Kiddo got six whole mosquito bites.  (Really, six of 'em!)

....A fairly ordinary Saturday, it's true, but it was pretty great.