They're Related



[Up top, the Kid, circa 6 weeks; below, Little Miss, a bit over 7 weeks.]

Random Person: Who do you think she looks like?

Me: Her brother.

I've always thought the Kid looks like both of us--me when he smiles, Sweet Husband when he's thinking--and a little like my dad, now that the Kid is (sob) legging out and getting taller.



[Left, the Kid; right, baby Sweet Husband and baby me.]

[Left, Nice Dad; right, the Kid.]

But with Little Miss?  I just can't see past how much she looks like the Kid.  I had to look at one of (his) baby pictures for a full 30 seconds the other day before I could tell which child it was.  And even then I remembered more because I remembered taking the photo than anything else.  Perhaps I need to stop dressing her in his old outfits? :)

Or perhaps this is just how we make 'em.