Hello there, friend!

I'm Meryl and you've stumbled onto My Bit of Earth, wherein I write about babies, chickens, food, craftiness, gardening, photography, and whatever else tickles my fancy on any given day.

Frequently mentioned characters are my Sweet Husband and my two children, The Kid and Little Miss.  We also share our home with a goldendoodle named Maggie, a Crested Gecko we call "Wild Bill", and an ever-changing flock of backyard chickens and ducks.

As with most blogs, this is only part of the story of my life, and it's mostly all the good parts.  In my grown-up life I'm a public defender who works on appeals in death penalty cases.  It's my dream job, but--as you might imagine--it gets heavy some days.  I don't talk about it here more than in passing, though, because this is my space away from that.  This is my balance.  

If you'd like to contact me, please feel free to do so at mcarverallmond@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping in!