A few nice bits from here and there....

First a review of Deathly Hallows (kinda-sorta) by Stephen King.  I like reading what he has to say about J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter books.  As a super-famous author himself, he has a unique perspective, plus sometimes he says things I've thought myself.  For example:

"And so now the hurly-burly's done, the battle's lost and won — the Battle of Hogwarts, that is — and all the secrets are out of the Sorting Hat. Those who bet Harry Potter would die lost their money; the boy who lived turned out to be exactly that. And if you think that's a spoiler at this late date, you were never much of a Potter fan to begin with."

Also, a lovely interview with Evanna Lynch.  Can't you just see her before all the Harry-madness?  I imagine a creative, but kind of odd girl--not unlike Luna herself.  And then she becomes a world-famous actress, not for being someone else, but really just for being herself.  Can't you just see all the "mean girls" at her high school squirming now?

Lastly, a pre-Deathly Hallows interview with Daniel Radcliffe, which would be pretty unremarkable (that is to say, just like all the other interviews with Daniel) if not for a teensy bit at the end where he says, "Alan is the only one who seems to know what’s going to happen...."  Assuming he means "Alan" Rickman, I have to say I TOLD YOU SO!

Don't Send Your Owl

If you're in the mood to do all the work of having to print off the form...and fill it out...and find a stamp...and an envelope...and address the envelope...and find a mailbox to put it all in....then you should know that the entry form for the drawing for tickets to see JKR in New York is now available

But, just think, even if you win--which would be against ALL odds--you would have to travel all the way to New York in the middle of October, of all months!  It'll be cold and windy I bet, and the crowds will be horrible.  So you probably don't really want to enter after all....

The Floodgates Open

I was kind of one of those people who thought JKR would continue to be a little secretive, even after Deathly Hallows.  I don't know why--maybe out of habit, or desire to have us fill in the gaps ourselves, or just whatever.  Boy was I wrong!

Here's yet another snippet from her, this one clearing up some of the plot ambiguities in DH (such as Neville pulling the sword out of the hat, and that whole Elder Wand business).  After years of veiled hints and winks, this new Jo is going to take some getting used to.