Poll: Reunioning?

I'm having a small dilemma, and--as y'all are pretty smart most of the time--I thought, "Eh, why not ask my Nice Blog Reading Friends?"

Here's the issue.  My ten year high school class reunion is imminent, and I need to decide whether I'm going to go. 
For background, high school was not hell for me, nor was it the greatest time of my life.  I was basically happy, just hadn't really grown into my own skin yet, if that makes sense?  I don't have any old scores to settle.  There's no one whose nose I need to rub into the fact that I'm all grown-up and successful and brilliant and happy.  (Although, as you all know, I so am every one of those things!  *Giggle.*)  Also, I still keep in touch with some of my friends from that time period--not everyone, but I basically catch most of the people I really want to see at least once a year-ish--so that's not a huge issue either.

Ordinarily, I'd be totally up for it, but the problem is, it's the weekend before we're moving.  I realize I can pack at other times, and so on, but I know my to-do list will be running through my head ad nauseum all weekend if I'm not home where I'm able to do something about it.  And it will make me crazy.  That's just how I am.

But I don't want to not go, and then hear about what a great time everyone had....

But really I'll see all the people I really want to see at other times, and we'll have fabulous times then too....

But, but, but....urgh.

So, my question is, did you go to your high school reunion?  If so, was it fan-tab-ulous?  Or just whatever?  Am I missing out on a big rite of passage if I skip out on this one?  Or can I just forget about it and be sure to clear my calendar for my twenty-year?

Poll: Zits

I have a zit on the side of my nose.  I'll spare you the photograph, but, suffice to say, it's one of those under the surface buggers that hurts like hell and you can't even squeeze to hurry along because it's so far buried.  (Yes, I'm not above picking.)

Although even as a grown-up I've never had perfect skin, this particular zit is bringing back memories of my teenage years.  While, looking back, I didn't have acne as bad as some people did, at the time I thought it was tragic.

Age has fortunately given me perspective, and now I can laugh about it....

...all the silly remedies...Japanese sand scrub, funky smelling homemade masks, no chocolate, no soda...

...the time my baby brother told a caller that I couldn't come to the phone because I was dabbing Clearasil on my face...he was 7 and thought it was hilarious, fortunately it was only my aunt--but I didn't know that until later!

...the time a friend--who was ordinarily actually a nice person--commented that both I and a boy that I liked had matching zits....

Ahhh, good times, good times...I'm laughing my ass off, really....

Anyone else want to commiserate with a good zit story?

Poll: What Pisses You Off?

I am generally an even tempered girl.  Long fuse.  Will de-fuse rather than exploding.  Peacemaker.  Arbitrator.  So on and so forth, etc.  

(Truly, it's almost pathological the lengths to which I will go to avoid a fight.)

But today, I am pissed.

Wanna know what makes me so angry?  When prosecutors other attorneys try to raise procedural bars to a claim that just needs to be heard, and in all fairness, should be heard.  Like, not a case where a defendant sat on his hands for two years or is just making shit up, but a case where it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that this guy wanted to appeal and the court system has just completely failed him.

'Cause the thing is, I don't really mind losing cases.  Of course, winning is better, but there are some cases where you just know going in that it isn't going to happen.  But to not even let my guy have his day in court?  Over a complete technicality?  Urgh, urgh, URGH!  It's so unfair and unjust, that it makes me want to just....spit!

Keep me company here--what pisses you off?

Poll: Family

I've been thinking a lot lately about what makes people family, and I've come to the conclusion that my family is not very biological these days.  Rather, it's my people, those who know me and love me anyway, those who if I said, "I have a body to bury," would reply, "Where shall I bring the shovel?"

It's really only lately that I've started to think of our household as it's own family, as opposed to just mashed together fragments of our families of origin.  Sweet Husband, Me, Porterhouse, and Moe--that is my family.

My siblings and Sweet Husband's, our parents, of course--they are all my family.  
And then there's this little group that's sprung up around us here in Lawrence.  Some would call them mere friends, but they too are my family.

And then there are a few of you, frequent commentors and lurkers that I look forward to hearing from each day, I think you're kind of becoming my family as well.

Who is your family?

Poll: By Any Other Name

I'm a name collector.  On any given day, I have a little running list in my head of fun names, silly names, puppy names, names I love, whatever.  I didn't know this was an official hobby until J.K. Rowling declared that she does it also, at which point I decided I could come out as a name collector too.

I was doing a little research for this hobby the other day (on the social security website) when I discovered that both my brother's name and my sister's name have broken into the top 100 baby names.  As my name--Meryl--is not even in the top 1000 and hasn't been forever (there were only nine babies given my name in 2007), I sent my Mom a teasing email--something about loving them more, etc.  (She wrote back that it really means she loves me most--so see Nice Sister and Brother, I am her favorite!)
Actually, although I've had a love/hate relationship with my name over the years, I've always been proud that I was named after my Dad.  And I've always loved what my name means--blackbird--because I like names to that have good meanings and with "blackbird" I get a song and everything.  I also recently found out my name was somewhat popular in the 50's, which I really like.  Because old-fashioned names are cool now, after all, so maybe there's hope.

What about you?  Do you like your name?  Have you always?  Is there a story behind your name? What are some of your favorite names and why?