Despite what might seem like an inhospitable time of year for it, it's once again time for May Dreams Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.  Follow the link to see what's blooming this month all over the world.

This month, I am ever-so-proud to announce, I've got lemons!!!

IMG_3069Yes, my little "Meyer" lemon tree--a Christmas gift from Sweet Husband way back in 2004--has finally produced it's first fruit.  They've taken about four months to finally turn yellow, but I think they're finally done.  Now...what to use them for? 

My Annual Paperwhite Pep Talk

Img_2754OK, I know I post about this every year, but really, they're so easy--if you enjoy fresh flowers there's really no reason not to plant a few paperwhites.

For those who haven't heard my schpeel, just get a few bulbs (your local garden center will have them, or you can get little kits at a big box store), a small pot, and some rocks.  Add the rocks to your pot, nestle in the paperwhite bulbs, and put in just enough water to barely touch the bottom of the bulbs.  Place in a sunny spot, keep the water topped up, and *wahlah* in 4-6 weeks you'll have beautiful, sweet smelling flowers.

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The First Fire, Frost


And now for the most important statistics of the year!

Our first fire was attempted on Wednesday, October 22, and successfully completed on Friday, October 24.  (Not the greatest wood for the first try!)

Our first frost was this morning.  Although it's not quite as exciting as waking up to the first snowflakes, it's certainly a start!